>>>short biographies of collaborators

Please, notice that the following collaborators, whose work is well known and who have their own homepage, are not included in this section!

MARIA DE ALVEAR: www.mariadealvear.com and www.world-edition.com
KRONOS: www.kronosquartet.org
ROBERT MILES:www.saltrecords.com
TERRY RILEY: www.terryriley.com and www.srimoonshinemusic.com

>>>Werner Durand

performs his own music for saxophones, Iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments since the late seventies.
He studied with Ariel Kalma in Paris, Indian classical music in India and Berlin (with Kamalesh Maitra) and Iranian ney with Ali Reza Asgharia.
He started to build wind instruments out of plexi-glass and PVC in the early 80s, which led to the foundation of THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE in 1990.
His current projects include ASHTAYAMA with Dhrupad singer Amelia Cuni; RE/ORIENTATION with Amelia Cuni and percussionist Marika Falk; and the group ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER with Sebastian Hilken (cello and percussion), Hella v. Ploetz (glassharp) and Silvia Ocougne (ac.guitars).
Werner Durand has collaborated with numerous composers/performers including David Behrman, Samm Bennett, Fast Forward, David Moss, Fatima Miranda, Muslimgauze, Henning Christiansen, Dominique Regef as well as with visual/ sound artists Michaela Kölmel, Victor Merteens, Andreas Oldörp and Rolf Julius. He was a member of Arnold Dreyblatt´s Orchestra of Excited Strings from 1990-1997.
In 1989 he received a grant from the city of Berlin for the Cité des Arts, Paris, for 2003/4, he received a one year stipendium from Künstlerhäuser Worpswede.
He was granted a residency at Podewil (Berlin) for 1999 together with Amelia Cuni. He has collaborated in the organization of festivals of traditional as well as avant-garde music in Berlin like "Urban und Aboriginal", "Pipeline" and USArts, „Minimalisms“ and „Intonations“.
Performing worldwide, he participates in international festival and cultural exchange programs, of which some were supported by the Goethe Insitut.
He has composed music for theater, dance and radio features, has released a solo CD and several collaborations.

Selected discography:

Urban Sax (Cobra, 1977)
The Thirteenth Tribe: Ping-Pong Anthropology No Man's Land 1993)
Arnold Dreyblatt: Animal Magnetism (Tzadik 1995)
Arnold Dreyblatt: The Sound of One String (Table of the Elements 1998)
Werner Durand: Tulpas - Sampler (Selektion 1997)
Muslimgauze: Mort aux Vache (Staalplaat 1998)
Sampler Staalplaatcocktail (Staalplaat 1998)
David Toop: Hot Pants Idol (Barooni 1999)
Amelia Cuni - Werner Durand: Ashtayama - Song of Hours (Amiata - 2000)
Cuni-Durand - Marika Falk: Drumming Breath (Syntorama NO-CD - 2000)
Werner Durand: The Art of Buzzing (x-tract- 2001)
Armchair Traveller: The Perfect Record (No Man´s Land 2001)

Press reviews about Werner’s music:

... Sooner or later we will have to give a prominent place to Werner among the important figures of post-minimalism.
Gino dal Soler, Blow up, December 1999

... Werner Durand is a wanderer between the worlds of new music, experimental rock, free jazz and musics of the world.
Volker Straebel, Tagesspiegel-Berlin, April 1997

... other memorable moments are provided by the foghorn blasts of Werner Durand´s buzz-clarinet...
Rahma Khazam about TULPAS, a compilation by Ralf Wehowsky, The Wire

About the CD “the Art of Buzzing”:

... The music sounds like a seething red planet frying under a merciless sun, or perhaps a beehive from inside.
... fierce textures invoking indian tradition, industrial machinery and insects. This provocative music fires the imagination.

Clive Bell, The Wire August 2001

... In no time at all, Werner Durand has earned the right to comparisons with minimalist titans Terry Riley and Yoshi Wada.
Orchestral in scale, strong as a mountain lion, and equipped with the cleaning power of a thousand Dysons, this great CD comes from Podewil in Berlin, via the X-tract label. Werner Durand´s drones roar like golden eagles: they are somehow very dignified and humanising, like flights to new worlds inside a friendly vehicle.
Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector 11, 2003

About the CD 'Ping Pong Anthropology':

... It´s a sort of ethnic minimalism meets pointilism, if you like categories, but unlike anything I´ve heard before. Best to put on the headphones, settle back and explore the subtleties of this mesmeric album.
Chris Blackford, Rubberbneck 54

... The whole effect is a trip into the zones of the beginning notions of rhythm, call and answer, synchronized perpetual motion, ritual music, stretching the term "improvised music" well into the universal historic consciousness. This is a great CD!
LS, The Improvisor 1993

... The 13th Tribe est límage de cette multiplicité, de ce brassage d´influence culturelles. Lente ou hypnotique, repététive ou méditative,leur musique nous emmène dans ces atmosphères et sphères pseudo-ethniques et environementales de grands intensités.
J.P. Deresse, Jazz in Time N.42

>>>Marika Falk

percussion and framedrum player, originally from Hungary, has researched the traditions and moods of other cultures for many years, integrating them in her playing and at the same time following her own impulse and feeling in music. She gives her own personal colouring to South American, African, and Oriental arts of drumming. Her nimble fingers snap and stroke, scratch and fly in rapid rolls over an assortment of thick- and thin-skinned resonators producing a vibrant and thrilling flow of sonic narrative charged with emotion.
Concerts and concert tours in Europe, the Americas, Russia, Israel.

Music for theatre live on stage:
Kammerspiele München (Troilus and Cressida - Dieter Dorn), Residenztheater, Theater der Jugend
(Tamerlan - Peer Boysen), State Theater, Opera Nürnberg (Wolkenstein - Wielfried Hiller und Percy Adlon), State Theater Gärtnerplatz (Modern Dance - Phillip Taylor, Johannes Faber)
Music for films, CD recordings: more than 20 CD participations and collaborations with mediaeval music (Sarband und Vox), klezmer (Nunu), jazz, multimedia opera (A Sumerian Tale), contemporary music and experimental sonic art with Indian singing, Tibetan mantras …
Radio broadcasts and live recordings:
Bavarian Radio, Munich (Live dabei im Studio 2, Mundus Cantat), Sender Freies Berlin, Hessischer Rundfunk, WDR, Cologne.
Radio feature “Women in breeches parts”, various interviews.

Solo discography:

1000 und 1 Klang, temperamentvolle, pulsierende Klangpoesie
Hamid Khezri - Dotar / Vocals, Jost Hecker - Cello
1ooound1Klang Records, LC 00037

BREATHING COLOUR, Klangerzählung
mit Martin Seeliger - Sax / Didgeridoo, Wolfgang Gleixner - Bass /Guitar.
1000und1Klang Records, LC 00037


>>>Nuria Sala Grau

was born in Barcelona, Spain. She studied the Graham and Limon techniques in Lausanne (Switzerland), she continued in Paris and Lyon with classical and contemporary dance. In 1987, she joined the Cecil P. Booth Dance Company directed by Chantal De Launay based in Paris. In 1988, she met the Indian dancer Savitry Nair from whom she started learning Bharatanatyam. She went on studying in India in Chennai, under the guidance of her master Krishnaveni Lakhsmanan, director of the famous academy of dance Kalakshetra. She studied Carnatic music and Nattuvangam with the renowned musician Kamala Rani. Since 1992, she regularly travels to India to continue with her Bharatnatyam training. In 1991, she obtained a degree in” Humanist Psychotherapy" from the I.P.H. in Barcelona and in 2000, a Certificate in Dance Education. The study of contemporary dance with the masters Dominique and Françoise Dupuy, allowed her to further develop her creativity and supported her efforts in integratig different dance vocabularies. Dialogue and confrontation with a variety of medias and traditions indicate the original path to which Nuria has committed herself. Since 1989, she has dedicated herself to teaching dance, while carrying out a noteworthy performing activity. She takes part in several artistic and cultural projects, as a dancer and a choreographer both.


>>>Maria Jonas

After studying oboe at the Cologne Conservatory, Maria Jonas went to Venezuela. Upon her return to Europe she studied voice with Montserrat Figueras in Barcelona, with Rene Jacobs at the Schola Cantorum in Basel and with Jessica Cash in London. She has worked and recorded with Jordi Savall as well as various well-know early music ensembles including Seqentia, Alte Musik Dresden and La Sfera Armoniosa. In Germany Maria Jonas is best known for her vocal recitals with the lutist Stephan Rath. With him she recorded a collection of songs by the seventeenth century Venetian composer Barbara Strozzi. She has also recorded with her own group Monteverdi Ensemble Koeln. Highly sought after as a concert soloist, Maria Jonas has toured throughout Europe with the European Baroque Orchestra under Roy Goodman, the Hilliard Ensemble and the English Baroque Soloists under John Eliot Gardiner. More recently she has turned to the operatic repertory and contemporary music and as appeared at theaters in Bochum, Neuss, at the Batzdorfer Baroque Festival, the Teatro Reggio di Parma, the Teatro Communale in Ferrara, the Schlossoper Ludwigsburg, Teatro Real de Madrid and the Teatro Camoes in Lisbon. In 1998 Maria Jonas received an invitation to the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Cuba, as well as to Lisbon and Madrid to perform the title role in Philip Glass and Robert Wilson´s most recent collaboration the "White Raven". She participated on the US and Australian tours of the highly acclaimed interpretation of Hildegard von Bingen’s "Ordo Virtutum" with the ensemble Sequentia. This season she has accepted a teaching position in historical vocal technique at the Leipzig Conservatory. In February 2000 Maria Jonas made her Carnegie Hall debut in the "White Raven" under Dennis Russell Davies.


>>>Raymond Kaczynski

performs on percussion instruments and the I. T. instruments of his own invention. He has performed with Randy Brecker, Doc Cheatham, Roswell Rudd, Rajesh Metha, Julius Hemphill, Richard Davis and David Murray.
His performances range from traditional South Indian dance, jazz, folk improvised music, "Zeitgenossischemusik", and Georgian music. Concert tours have brought him to India, Eastern Europe, Turkey, USA and North Africa.
Raymond was composer and accompanist for Dance at Wesleyan University from 1987-1993 during that time he worked with: Rob Besserrer, Phillip Bond, Mickey Davidson, Noel Nantumbu Hall, Peggy Lehmann, Janet Lilly, Cynthia Novak, Stephanie Skura, Gus Solomons, Dudley Williams.
Raymond was born in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan now known as East Detroit. His early musical development was inspired by the music of Motown, and the late night drumming and chanting of the civil rights movement, circa 1965-1971.
His formal studies in percussion and composition were with: Ramnad V. Raghavan, Keith Copeland, Steven Dempski, Brent Dutton, Robert Hays, Robert Hohner, and Steve Cornelius in the United States. He currently lives in Germany.

>>>Ulrich Krieger

is known as a saxophone player in contemporary composed and free improvised music as well as a composer of chamber music and electronic music. Since 1988 Krieger performs and studies the music of John Cage. He recorded a 4 CD series for Mode records, including all saxophone and ‘any instruments’ works by Cage. This also includes 2 saxophone arrangements of pieces Cage had personally authorized after several meetings. C.F. Peters will also publish a saxophone quartet arrangement by Krieger. He studied saxophone, composition and electronic music in Berlin and New York and received several awards (DAAD, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg) and residencies, including: New York, Los Angeles (Villa Aurora), Rome, Bologna.
His works were performed by: oh-ton ensemble, Ensemble United Berlin, zeitkratzer, Ensemble Experimente, KontraTrio, Soldier String Quartet, and many others.
He worked with: Lou Reed, LaMonte Young, Phill Niblock, Lee Ranaldo, Elliott Sharp, Alan Licht, David First, DJ Olive, Thomas Koener, Christian Marclay, John Duncan, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, zeitkratzer and many more.
Numerous concerts, radio and television broadcasts of his works and as performer, soloist, with his own ensembles, various chamber music groups and orchestras (including the 'Ensemble Modern' and the 'Berliner Philharmoniker') in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia.
He has made various recordings as saxophone and didjeridu player, interpret and improviser, also several of his original compositions are available on CD. He lives in Berlin, Germany.

His solo CDs are:
A CAGE of saxophones, vol. 1 and 2 (2002/2003 Mode Records)
WALLS OF SOUND (1997 O.O. Discs),
NIGHTMARES (1996 Academy / edel)


>>>Roland Pfrengle,

born in Germany in 1945, studied composition and sound engineering in West Berlin with Heinz Friedrich Hartig, Frank Michael Beyer, Isang Yun a.o. He has held grants at the Electronic Studio in Utrecht and the Villa Massimo in Rome and has received the West Berlin "Förderpreis Musik" award. He has collaborated with different contemporary music ensembles both as a performer and a composer. He founded the improvisation group ‚No Set‘ in 1968 and was a member of the ‚Gruppe Neue Musik Berlin‘ and the ‚Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik‘. He performed his music in France, England, the Netherlands, Belgum, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada Japan, Korea, Hongkong, several times at the ‘Warshaw Autumn’. He is especially interested in cybernetics and communication models. He wrote specific compositions for voice and electronics. He composed music for orchestra, ensembles, electracoustic music, music for dance, for radio plays, for actions and an opera and owns an experimental studio in Berlin. For every composition he writes a special computer program using differrent computer languages. He gives lectures and seminars.
Since 1974 he has been working with the singer Michiko Hirayama and since 1999 with Amelia Cuni.

>>>Fred Pommerehn

is light and stage designer. He has established himself in Europe and America as a highly original and skilled artist. In the U.S.A., he has been included in the TOP TEN young designers list for 1990.
He has already collaborated with many well known international artists (i.e. Shelley Hirsh, Hans Peter Kuhn, David Moss, Ofra Doudayi etc.) with whom he has realized performances and installations at important theatres and events like the `Wiener Festwochen´, Ijsbreker Amsterdam, Hebbel Theater and Festspielhaus in Berlin ...
From 1993 to 1997 Pommerehn has realized with Arnold Dreyblatt the monumental installation and hypertext performance `Memory Arena´, presented in several major European venues, i.e. `Copenhagen, cultural capital of Europe 1996´, Marstall Theater in Munich etc. He has made stage/light design for contemporary music productions by composers such as S.Sciarrino, K.H.Stockhausen and R.Pfrengle. Since 1987, he lives in Berlin.

>>>Federico Sanesi

was born and lives in Milan, Italy. He started studying percussion at a tender age with I.Savoia, D.Searcy, E.Lucchini. With sixteen years, he travelled to South India and studied the ritualistic drum thavil. Since 1980, he has been learning tabla from Shankha Chatterjee in Venice, Berlin and Calcutta. He received further training in South Indian drumming at the Kalakshetra in Madras. His musical interests are focussed on the so-called `ethnic´ percussion of Europe, Middle-East and India. He works on integrating various musical languages and is involved in theatre, dance, poetry, cinema and visual art projects. While persuing a very active international career as a live performer he is also a sought after studio musician. He has contributed to more than 25 CDs and performs with renowned Indian classical musicians and dancers as well as in jazz and world-music ensembles. He teaches tabla at the Vicenza Conservatory, Italy.

>>>Uli Sigg

lives in Cologne and Berlin, Germany and works within temporary project partnerships with other musicians and artists from all around the world. To this end he co-founded Club-Orch ID, a creative pool of artists, musicians, philosophers and scientists, and has become a pioneer of this new art form which has grown out of the rave, ambient and dance-club cultures. Sigg calls his own work "visual sampling" and uses as his raw material video images which are blown up, cut to pieces, reordered and reassembled. The results, says Sigg, are visual ciphers, codes and clues to a particular moment, event or experience. His live shows are the visual equivalent of the work of audio Djs who created new sounds by combining those sampled from other sources. He is also co-founder of bandbreite a vj-collective and director of the vj-festival c/o pop.


>>>Francis Silkstone

is an English composer who is developing a unique and meaningful approach to interactions between the contemporary classical music of India and the West. His work draws on his prolonged study of improvisation in India and Thailand, including sitar with Ustad Imrat Khan as a Commonwealth Scholar in India (1978-81), and a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology (SOAS, London, 1993). His works have been performed at numerous festivals in UK, Italy, and Germany, including Festival Autunno Musicale di Como; Fondazione Teatro La Fenice in Venice; Passionskirche and House of World Cultures in Berlin; Muffathalle in Munich; Dartington International Summer School; Norwich Festival and Oxford Contemporary Music. He has recorded five CDs of original library film music compositions for De Wolfe Ltd. He has worked as a music consultant on Attenborough´s film `Gandhi´, on `The Jewel In The Crown´and for the Asian Music Circuit. He is the founder of the ensemble Sounds Bazaar and of East-West Music Theatre.He was intercultural consultant and composers’ assistant to Ensemble Modern’s Rasalila 2003 project with composer-performers from India. He has written two works for Ensemble Modern: a 15-minute quintet, for Global Ear Festival, Stuttgart (May 2005), and an 18-minute concerto for ensemble of 18 musicians, for Ensemble Modern’s Rasalila project 2005-6. Silkstone is also a part-time Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at University College Winchester, UK.

>>>Tatty Theo

(cello) read music at The Queen's College, Oxford, continuing her studies at postgraduate level at the Royal College of Music with Anthony Pleeth and Jennifer Ward Clarke, where she was awarded her ARCM and MMus degrees. Tatty has won many prizes including first prize in the Early Music Century competition, and was the recipient of scholarships to further her studies.
She has performed with many ensembles and at festivals and concert halls throughout Britain and abroad, with live broadcasts on BBC Radio and television, both locally and nationally. In addition to concert performances and lectures on related subjects, Tatty is preparing performing editions of several unpublished works by Handel. She is the founder and director of the award-winning period instrument ensemble The Brook Street Band, which specialises in the music of Handel and his European contemporaries. The Brook Street Band record for AVIE and their debut disc Handel Oxford Water Music received universal acclaim and was voted Gramophone Magazine Editor’s Choice. Tatty lives in London.