Degree in extra-European musical traditions: Indian music (Hindustani)

The degree course is conceived and coordinated by Enrico Anselmi, principal of the Vicenza Conservatory. It is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education (Ministero dell'Università) and has been activated in the academical year 2000/2001.
This event is of exceptional relevance: it is possibly the first course in Italy and Europe bringing together the study and practice of Indian music with academical studies of Indian history, languages and philosophy.
Maestro Enrico Anselmi is a knowledgeable conoisseur (studied with A.Daniélou and M.Junius) and has been striving for more than 20 years in order to make this happen. Finally, the Government has authorized pilot courses in Italian conservatoires and Anselmi has been able to realize this long standing wish in cooperation with several committed teachers and the University of Venice.

Classes pertaining to musical subjects (Indian music history, theory, singing and instrumental music; ethnomusicology) are held at the Vicenza Conservatory. Vicenza is a small town in North Italy, one hour journey from Venice. During the 70s' it has hosted lectures and seminars by prominent scholars in the field of non-European music (i.e. Alain Daniélou, Manfred Junius, Tran Van Khé).

The other indological subjects are taught at the Venice University, East Asian Studies Dept. (Ca'Foscari).
Examinations are held at the end of each academical year.
The course is devided in two levels, the first level is of 3 years, with an optional second level of another 2 years.
A diploma is needed to be able to enroll, as for any University course.

Regardind the actual classes and curriculum: for the practical studies, competent musicians with many years of experience in the field of Indian music have been invited to join the teaching staff. Singing lessons are based on the DHRUPAD genre and are compulsary, since vocal music represents the foundation of a musician's training in India. No specific vocal talents are required for this course. In addition, the student may choose an instrument in which to specialize (sitar, bansuri, tabla).
The music classes are based on the traditional oral transmission system (guru-shishya-parampara).
From 2002 the students are able to choose between 2 different courses of studies: HISTORICAL and MODERN.
The first one will emphasize the classical subjects (i.e. Sanscrit, history etc.) while the latter includes Hindi and ethnomusicology.
The Indian music course in Vicenza is being developed in collaboration with the World Music Section of the Rotterdam Conservatory and a partnership between the two institutions will be signed in June 2005.

Teachers for classes at the Conservatory:

Indian singing: Amelia Cuni
sitar: Gianni Ricchizzi
tabla: Federico Sanesi
bansuri (Indian flute): Lorenzo Squillari
theory of Indian music: M.o Enrico Anselmi and prof. Roberto Perinu
history of Indian music: M.o Enrico Anselmi
ethnomusicology: dott. Francesca Cassio
Sanskrit: prof.Roberto Perinu
Hindi: dott. Monia Marchetto

Teachers at the University of Venice (Dipartimento di Studi sull´Asia Orientale lead by prof.G.G.Filippi)

Indology: prof. Gian Giuseppe Filippi
Indian religions and philosophy: prof. Antonio Rigopoulos
Indian history: prof. Cecilia Cossio


principal: M.o Paolo Troncon

TEL: +39 0444-507551
FAX: +39 0444-302706



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