Amelia Cuni:dhrupad singing, mouth harps, bamboo resonators, rattles

Werner Durand: pan-ney and other selfmade wind instruments, persian ney, tenor sax, electronics

>video clip by Fred Plassmann

Amelia Cuni's multi-faceted voice and Werner Durand’s sensitive playing merge into a unique whole instantly capturing the listener’s ear. They build on their long-lasting collaboration and in-depth research in Western and Eastern musical traditions to develop their various influences into a stunning presentation. Together they share the desire to explore borderlands in their music combining experience with experiment.

Amelia Cuni's singing draws from the rich heritage of dhrupad, the oldest form of North Indian music. She uses ragas and Indian vocal techniques in a distinct way, integrating her Italian roots and her diverse collaborations with internationally renowned musicians. Her voice is powerful and soothing, moving and hypnotic. Her singing has been praised in the national press of India, Europe and USA.
Werner Durand has created self-made wind instruments of various materials, played with different embouchures, circular breathing and digital delays. He has developed his own style and playing techniques which may evoke different traditions of world music. His minimalist approach interacts with Amelia´s Indian musical language.

The program for this duo concert includes arrangements of traditional Indian pieces and original compositions from the suite ASHTAYAMA-Song of Hours (Amiata Rec, Florence, 2000), the CD DRUMMING BREATH (Syntorama-NO-CD, S.Sebastian, 2000) as well as several new works. A new CD recording is under way.

The duo CUNI<>DURAND is an ongoing collaboration started in 1993 with contributions by several guest artists including Roberto Paci Dalò, Rajesh Mehta, Federico Sanesi, Marika Falk and Phil Hollenbeck.

The concert may include the participation of a guest percussionist

Cuni and Durand made a powerful argument that a hundreds of years old culture could not only inform, but also completely come alive in the contemporary with depth of spirit and a vision to the future. Simply put, this was an extraordinary concert!

Randy Raine-Reusch, review of Vancouver New Music/VOX Festival 2004 for MUSICWORKS

Selected performances as a Duo/Trio with guests:

Institut Unzeit-Berlin 1993; Link Bologna 1994; Kulturhaus Peter Edel-Berlin 1994; Werkstatt der Kulturen-Berlin 1996 und 2001; Bridport Art Centre, England 1997; Musikinstrumente Museum, Leipzig 1997; Festival Itinerari Folk Trento 1998; Podewil-Berlin 1999; Festival La Alternativa, Madrid 2000; Festival Berlin in Hong Kong 2001; Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin 2001; Ticino Festival 2002; Festival MACHOMET III, Maastricht 2002.

latest concerts:

October 17th, 2003
LEM Festival, Barcelona, Spain

October 17th, 2004
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, UC Berkeley, USA
(with pakhawaj player Phil Hollenbeck)

October 23rd,2004
Vancouver New Music / VOX Festival, Canada

October 29th 2004
Oberfränkisches Textilmuseum, Helmbrechts, Germany

November 10th, 2004
Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy

November 13th, 2004

July 30th, 2005

October 5th 2006

February 22nd, 2007
SELTEN GEHÖRT, Museum Schloss Moyland

July 6th, 2007
festival VOZ DE MULHER, Aveiro (Portugal)