>>>Danza d'Amore - The Dance of Mystic Love

This is a journey through space and time following the thread of mystical verses. In this work Amelia´s music achieves a novel dimension by integrating her Italian roots: her singing becomes a bridge between ancient traditions of India and Italy.
Dhrupad is an inspirational, devotional genre and at the same time passionate and earthy. It is highly melodious and cosists of structured and meditative moments as well as improvisations of great rhythmic vitality.
Amelia Cuni´s performances of the uplifting tradition of dhrupad singing from North India have attracted widespread acclaim in the Indian national press. Here dhrupad is combined with the following elements to create an organic presentation rich in nuances, unexpected sound-textures and a fascinating dance vocabulary:

Innovative accompaniment influenced by Early European music
European, Middle-Eastern and Indian percussion rhythms
Original choreography based on Indian Bharat-Natyam and Western contemporary dance.

The carefully selected texts are the focus of all the musical and choreographic efforts. These mystic verses become a unifying element producing a strong emotional impact, full of suggestion and atmosphere:

temple hymns of medieval India
hymns of the ancient Romans (in Latin)
Laudi of medieval Italy
plain-chants of the Cistercian monastries (in Latin)
modern Italian verses

besides Amelia Cuni´s compositions, this concert may include pieces by Terry Riley, Jonathan Lloyd, Francis Silkstone a.o., specifically written for this ensemble and fitting the artistic direction of this performance.

The CD 'Danza d´Amore' is published by New Earth Records, Munich 1998.

music and concept: Amelia Cuni
arrangements: Federico Sanesi, Francis Silkstone
choreography: Nuria Sala Grau
costumes: Angela Gramolini

The performers:

Amelia Cuni: vocals, tanpura
Federico Sanesi: tabla, mridangam, pakhawaj, kettle-drums, etc.
Tatty Theo: baroque cello
Francis Silkstone: baroque violin, surbahar
Nuria Sala Grau: dance

Selected performances:

- Festival E' Vento e Suono 1996, Teatro Rossini, Pesaro
- Udine Estate 1997, Teatro S.Giorgio, Udine
- Festival: Il Sacro attraverso l´Ordinario, Chiostro di S.Francesco, Torino 1997
- Capannori in Festival, Villa Mansi (Lucca) 1997
- U.K. Tour 1997 with SOUNDS BAZAAR (London, Dorchester, Bath, Winchester, Oxford)
- Festival Cusiano di musica antica 1998, Isola di S.Giulio-Orta
- Teatro delle Erbe, Milano 1998
- Dartington International Festival of Music 1998, Devon/U.K.
- Festival Nature Dei Teatri 1998, Corte di Giarola-Parma
- Etnofestival 1998, S.Marino
- Festival internazionale di musica sacra 1998, Pordenone
- una via teatrale, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino 1999
- Aspekte Indischer Musik-Tradition und Innovation, Passionskirche-Berlin 1999
- concert tour in the U.K. 1999 with Terry Riley : Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Festival `Rainbow over Bath´ and Oxford Contemporary Music Festival.
- Pellegrinaggio in Oriente, Villa Rizzardi, Dolcè (VR) 2000
- 35th Festival Autunno Musicale a Como, 2001
- 5. Festival di Danza, DANZARTE, Brescia 2002
- IL MISTERO DELLA VOCE, percorsi nella cultura del canto;
Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, Venice 2002

Press reviews:

... radical, unexpected and yet very elegant ...

Waltraud Schwabe, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 7/12/1999

... closing the eyes and letting oneself being carried away by Cuni's smooth vocalizations and nimble rhythms, comunicates a wonderful sense of harmony. Also Nuria Sala Grau's performance was as fascinating. With her mysterious and ascetic figure, the dancer accompanies the singing making the text visible.

Federica Sassara, Il Gazzettino del Friuli, 8/7/1997

U.K. tour with Terry Riley and Sounds Bazaar, October 1999:
... Amelia Cuni´s own 'Danza d´Amore' (is) a beguiling marriage of medieval Italian poetry with mystic Indian traditions, given in tandem with the premiere of her 'Venga alla Danza'. This is 'crossover' at its most fruitful, in which irregular dance rhythms come tumbling out against the nasal yet dusky singing of the Italian-born Cuni, whose voice makes a good case for reincarnation.

John Allison, The Times, 15/10/99

... Even more striking - indeed, for me, the most remarkable work in the programme - was Amelia Cuni's performance of her own 'Danza d'Amore' ... Since its spiritual content is so very close to Indian mysticism, Cuni has here truly created a musical bridge between East and West.

Hugh Vickers, The Independent, 29/10/99

About the CD release:

... A remarkable and distinctive synthesis of Indian and Italian mystical and musical traditions ... Her pitch is laser-precise, her enunciation exquisite, and her delight in the rich Italian vowel sonorities is palpable. DANZA D´AMORE is a treasure-trove of surprise fulfillment, reflecting the imaginative conception of a marvelously accomplished musician.

Charles Rankie, RhythmMusic, U.S.A. November 1998