Amelia Cuni sings dhrupad:
temple and court music from ancient India (solo recital)

Amelia Cuni: vocals, tanpura

Dhrupad is an inspirational, devotional genre and at the same time passionate and earthy like most of Indian sacred art. It is highly melodious and its meditative moments are balanced by structures of great rhythmic vitality. Amelia Cuni´s performances of the ancient and uplifting tradition of dhrupad singing have attracted widespread acclaim in the Indian national press.
In her solo concerts she presents traditional pieces from the repertoire of North Indian temple and court music in Sanskrit and medieval Hindi language. She also sings her own compositions in Italian and Latin, where she has set medieval and modern verses to an innovative interpretation of raga music.

>>>Traditional dhrupad concert with the accompaniment of pakhawaj and tanpura player:

Dhrupad is the most ancient genre of North Indian classical singing still being performed. It flourished in the Hindu temples and Mughal and Rajput courts from the fourteenth century onwards. It has developed from ancient ritualistic forms and the principles of Nadayoga (Yoga of Sound), it is regarded to be the foundation of Hindustani music and has been handed down by generations of music families.
The songs are accompanied by the ancient double headed drum pakhawaj which greatly enriches the texture of the rendition with its deep resonating sound and the skillful punctuation of the improvised singing patterns.

Amelia’s traditional dhrupad recording is available on Navras, (London/Mumbai 2000) under the title Morning Meditation.

Amelia Cuni - Dhrupad Singing from Global Music Academy on Vimeo.