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• dhrupad singing
individual classes/Einzelunterricht = 50 euro ph. (+49) 30 3226459

• corso di canto indiano al CONSERVATORIO PEDROLLO di VICENZA
(triennio accademico) vedi volantino in PDF


 training with Amelia Cuni

Dates 2015 - 90 hours training (60 hours with dhrupad singing and 30 hours with other subjects as Yoga, Somatics, Indian philosophy and musical theory)
5 weeks, 4 days, 5 hours per day (wednesday free)

Module 1 : 20th to 24th April, 2015 = Intoduction, awareness of Sound, Raag Yaman
Module 2 : 1st to 5th June 2015  = Our BODY, knowledge of MELODY in Indian Music, Raag Bhupali
Module 3 : 13th to 17th June  = Our MIND, knowledge of RHYTHM in Indian music, Raag Bhairav
Module 4 : 7th to 11th September 2015 = Our EMOTIONS,listening, Raag Yaman
Module 5 : 19th to 23rd Octber 2015 = Our Inner and Outer SELF, integrating, Raag Bhairav

Modul 1 can be booked seperately as a seminar (probably, it will be my ONLY seminar in 2015!) and will cost € 360 –€ 

Total cost of the whole Education Course ( five Modules): 1.650 euro/reduced 1.400 euro till the end of January 2015
Exams = 120 euro

at the Somatische Akademie,Paul-Lincke Ufer 30, 1 Hof-4.Stock, Berlin-Kreuzberg

For more information:
ask Amelia Cuni per email - info(at)ameliacuni.de, see on the Somatische Akademie Berlin homepage under ANGEBOTE/SEMINARE,
direct link HERE


• on the 12th of September at 9 pm at the Yoga Festival in Geneve (CH), with Werner Durand

• CONCERT with Amelia Cuni (dhrupad singing) and Werner Durand (self-made wind instruments and backing tracks, sound design)

on AUGUST 15TH 2014, at 9 pm
in the Werkstatt der Kulturen
Neukölln- Wissmanstr.32
12049 Berlin

• Raga Virga: with Maria Jonas and her Ars Choralis Coeln, in Strasbourg (F)
August 29th


Interview for the Italian music magazine BLOW UP (October 2012)

a live recording of RAGA VIRGA, the project bringing together the female choir Ars Choralis Coeln conducted by Maria Jonas performing the music of Hildegard of Bingen and Amelia Cuni singing dhrupad. Performance at the medieval music festival of MONTALBANE in June 2011.

• Workshop on dhrupad music at the berliner Philharmonie on May 13th

with the participation of tabla player Ravi Srinivasan and prof. Lars C.Koch (ethomusicologist and surbahar player). Photo: Monika Ritterhaus

• Video of GRAMOPHONE SARASWATI, composed and performed by Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand with Luciano Chessa and T.R.I.O. playing recontructions of Russolo's INTONARUMORI, MaerzMusik 2011, RadialSystem-Berlin.

Video by Yvonne Mohr

• New video on vimeo:

Amelia Cuni - Dhrupad Singing from Global Music Academy on Vimeo.

a DVD production of the multimedia performance ASHTAYAMA-SONG OF HOURS can be ordered
directly at info@ameliacuni.de

• The LP by Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand ALREADY AWAKE IN THE NIGHT is out on ini.itu. you can order it from the Belgian label www.iniitu.net

in ITALY, the distribution goes through www.soundohm.com

Review of the LP here

• KEDARIKA (Nada Yoga vol. 1)
Waves of Beauty (Nada Yoga vol. 2)

These CDs are realized in collaboration with Werner Durand. They may be used for deep relaxation and as support for yoga, meditation, massage. The music is based on the knowledge of nada-yoga (yoga of sound) as inherited by the dhrupad tradition of singing.

you can order all CDs directly at info@ameliacuni.de

you can download some albums/tracks here:


Paper published in the Journal of the Indian Musicological Society (June 2012): Chance Generated Ragas in Solo for Voice 58: A Dhrupad Singer Performs John Cage.

• Ustad Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar - a legacy

• interview in Italian for ROCKERILLA
interview in Italian for INSOUND

article on 'Stimmung':
'Musings on Ragas' download english text here
'Betrachtungen über Ragas' download german text here

• 'L'animo del Raga' pubblicato su IL LIBRO DELLA VOCE
Casanova e Chianura edizioni, Milano, 2010
ISBN 978.88.86784.55.9 (include anche un brano su CD)
scarica in italiano qui

article for the YOGA-FESTIVAL magazine 2010:
download English text (full) here
download German text (shorter) here

• a review by composer Peter Graham, published in Czech, translated into German, here

• find an interview with me about AKAR by Birgit Kratz here


• Amelia is collaborating with minimalist composer C.C.Hennix on several projects.
The first release is a CD for the American label Important Records:

• participation to the project QUERKLANG in Berlin, a collaboration among the Universität der Künste, several high schools and the new music festival MaerzMusik

• NATIVE ALIEN: electro-acoustic (Max/MSP) collaboration with composer Sandeep Bhagwati (University of Montreal) including Rohan de Saram, David Rosenboom, Dhruba Ghosh, Wu Wei, Mike Svoboda, Ensemble Transmission (Montreal) funded by Quebec Fund for Research in Society and Culture (FQRSC). Residency at MATRALAB, Concordia University in Montreal, April 26th till May 6th, 2011

Video of the presentation in Montrial (Matralab-Concordia University) of the research phase of the project NATIVE ALIEN:

Native Alien - Amelia Cuni from matralab on Vimeo.

• AVATARS: electro-acoustic (Max/MSP) collaboration with English composers Francis Silkstone and Michael Young and with dhrupad singer Uday Bhawalkar (Goldsmith University-London, project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council)


•June/July 2013, a 6 week long artist-in-residence with Werner Durand in Umbria, at CIVITELLA RANIERI


• concerts and CD release of the collaboration with C.C.Hennix and Werner Durand

• a new release in the NADAYOGA series

• masterclasses (for singers and musicians) and nadayoga teachers' training courses in Berlin